“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." -William Arthur Ward 

These words describe exactly how we feel about real estate!  In an industry where it isn’t all that hard to get a license, we are elbow to elbow with people who call themselves realtors but aren’t equipped to expertly navigate the waters to home ownership. 

We’re often competing with pessimists who are willing to give up through negotiations or at the slightest challenge in the process.  At other times, we find ourselves alongside optimists who think that once a contract is signed, they can kick back and wait to collect their commission on closing day. 

The Simmonds Team, Compass is based on morals and ethics.  We are…

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There are two sides to every situation. The Simmonds Team strives to find the positive side to each. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, there’s a silver lining. We truly believe that life is journey to overcome challenges and that in each challenge there’s an opportunity. Each situation we encounter can be measured and overcome by three simple elements Knowledge, Skill and Behavior – KSB!

Before our new normal, KSB was (and still is) at the heart of team from the very start. When inviting staff and agents to join our team, we are looking for 3 main characteristics in each person. 1) Knowledge. Through an extensive interview process, we are able to get a solid understanding of what the candidate knows about the team, the job, and specifics to the…

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We’re writing to you in the midst of the first pandemic that has ever hit this close to home. We could have never imagined this – but find ourselves completely prepared for it! For the better part of the past 6 years, The Simmonds Team has been focused on being a Top-Producing Tech Team. We’ve carefully vetted and instituted some of the best, web-based technology out there. This pulse of technology streams through the daily lives of each member of our team. When our agents hit the streets they are armed with technology as mobile as they are. Additionally our Realtors are backed by an incredibly organized support staff who are completely web-based allowing them to work virtually, from anywhere in the world.

So what’s that mean for you? Let me paint…

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Jupiter residents enjoy ample opportunity to keep their bodies and minds healthy. Drive through any one of our amazing neighborhoods and you’ll find countless residents, walking, running, biking, golfing and playing.  Many communities offer state-of the art fitness facilities for the convenience of their residents.  Clubhouses often transform into the setting for organized group exercise sessions where neighbors gather to get their blood pumping.  These amazing amenities keep our bodies fit and our property values favorable!

Thanks to Jupiter’s Open Space Program, over 1200 acres of land is preserved as natural habitat.  Much of this land offers beautiful trails where one can get their steps in while experiencing South Florida’s wildlife up close and…

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Happy holidays from Jupiter, Florida!  Our sunny days are now somewhere in the low to mid 80’s, the humidity has tapered, and gentle breezes tickle the palm fronds like whiskers on kittens.  We here at The Simmonds Team, Compass can’t wait for Christmas and so with great anticipation, these are a few of our favorite things…

With all of the amazing ways to celebrate the holidays in our area, we simply don’t have time to dream of a white Christmas…but if the thought crosses our minds, a quick trip to CityPlace at Rosemary Square will provide snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes.  Snow machines regularly blow big white flakes upon the crowds that gather to shop, dine and rock around the Christmas Tree to the lively music of local bands.  “Trust…

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As you know, most of us here at the Simmonds Team are transplants from the north.  One common question that we all get from the friends and family that we’ve left behind is “Don’t you miss the fall?”  Although there are some sentimental ties to apple picking and colorful leaves, we haven’t been here long enough to forget that after fall, comes winter!

Though Florida may lack extreme physical change between seasons, Jupiter’s residents more than make up for it with spirit!  Our communities transform from perfectly manicured landscaping and beautifully maintained homes to nothing short of Spookyville!   Front porches are adorned with larger than life spiders, bats and haunting mechanical creatures.  Skeletons pop up from lawns in makeshift front yard…

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2019 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It’s been a year of celebrating and reflecting just how far we’ve come since July 20, 1969. From further space exploration to plans to reach Mars, a new age of space travel is coming.

Speaking of space, it’s hard not to look up Jupiter, Florida and end up with articles of the planet Jupiter.  Interesting fact: the town and planet were NOT named after one another. However, it is hard to bypass the articles on google once you are already there. Just recently the planet Jupiter officially named all 5 moons surrounding the planet.

Lucky enough for Floridians who have an interest in outer space, NASA is right in our backyard. Here’s a list of possible day or weekend trips for the whole…

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When you live this close to the ocean, fine seafood will be the plat du jour for sure. But restaurants in Jupiter, FL aren’t just serving the same old blackened grouper and sushi. 

Celebrities and world-class chefs alike are bringing their new restaurants to Jupiter, FL and impressing locals with creations like snapper banh mi, pan seared chorizo mussels, and hand-cut steaks. 

From Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to dozens of well known executive chefs, you won’t be disappointed by the all-star talent serving up delicious dishes around every corner. Just let The Simmonds Team: Compass help you rent or purchase your own Jupiter home so you can have access to them all!

Here are just a few of the top rated restaurants in Jupiter:

1. The Woods

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Beautiful palm trees, idyllic beaches, and celebrities mingling with everyday residents. Sound familiar? No, we’re not talking about Los Angeles. We’re talking about Jupiter, FL, a beautiful place to call home. And if this month’s Hometown Dates episode of The Bachelorette taught us anything, it’s also a great place to catch a few celebrity sightings.

From country-star Alan Jackson to Celine Dion to the late, great Burt Reynolds, many of Hollywood’s rich and famous choose to settle down in Jupiter, FL and enjoy the same luxuries that The Simmonds Team: Compass can help you find in your next home.  Here are just a few:

Burt Reynolds:

Burt Reynolds — the late actor, director, and producer known for his starring roles in classic films like…

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June in Jupiter, FL doesn’t just signal the beginning of summer beach season — because residents have the luxury of year-round beach weather — it also signals the end of the school year. With two months until the new school year begins, it’s the perfect time to purchase or rent a new home that’s zoned for the school you want your student enrolled in.

If this sounds like your plan, you’re certainly not alone. According to a study published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2017, 26% of home buyers consider the quality of zoned schools when looking for a new home.

Jupiter residents are lucky to enjoy a wide array of great schools, from local public schools to private montessori or religious institutions, there’s no shortage of great…

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