Are you clean or messy? 

There is a major difference between clean, messy, and dirty. You probably aren't the cleanest person if you can't tell the difference. Messy is putting off folding your laundry, while dirty is saying, "Wait, that's disgusting." The contrast is needing to organize and move things around or need a rag and a strong bleach cleaning spray. However, these individuals usually have a method to their madness. Even if it looks like a tornado just ran through the room, they know to find their car key on the floor next to a discarded sock from the day before. Before we break it down, it's essential to know that being messy or clean isn't inherently good or bad. No one is the same and personal preference and lifestyle choices affect how often we tidy up. 

The bedroom 

Do you use your bedroom floor as a second closet? As long as the only things scattered around are clothing items and not dirty dishes, it appears you belong to the messy department. Put those clothes away and find that shirt you've been missing for weeks.  

If the number of dishes in your room is more than you can count on one hand, you are dangerously close to dirty territory. The difference between an old pasta bowl and a water glass is huge, but these things still belong in the kitchen and not your room. 

Are you the type to skip making your bed in the morning and say, "What's the point if I'm just going to get back into it later anyway?" That's okay; as long as you wash your sheets regularly you are safe in this department. 

The closet 

Closets are an ecosystem all their own. Do you toss your shoes straight into the closet? Or maybe you own a shoe rack? A messy person might have clothes from years ago shoved in the back of their closet, never to be worn again 

The Kitchen 

As long as you rinse your dishes, it's fine for them to pile up throughout the day to be properly washed later. However, if there's dried food all inside of your sink or you could prepare a meal from all the crumbs piled up around your kitchen, that's just plain filthy! 

The inside of your appliances, yes, the inside, can be easily overlooked during cleaning time. If you haven't, take some time to clean the inside of your microwave, oven, and fridge. You wouldn't want your food to be cooked in a dirty kitchen at a restaurant, so don't do it at home either! 

The bathroom 

If you think your bathroom needs to be cleaned, you probably should have done it last week. The sink is basically a holding cell for toothpaste and germs, and it should probably be cleaned as often as possible. Bleach is your best friend here. 

Miscellaneous clutter 


Consider the other people living with you before you walk right into your home and immediately drop the items in your arms onto the counter or kitchen table. Living with family or roommates can double or triple this problem. When they return from work, they probably won't enjoy walking into a cluttered house. 

Having a junk drawer is completely normal! Just make sure the junk actually makes it into the drawer and isn't scattered around an office space or the kitchen. 

Your laundry 

Figuring out the time to get your laundry done is only half the battle. Once that's done, the real struggle begins, tackling the enormous laundry mountain. For some individuals, the options are limited: the laundry pile will languish somewhere in a heap, or it might even become your unconventional bed companion. 

Your purse/wallet 

If your purse looks like a crime scene on the inside and you can't find anything you are looking for, it's time to start fresh. Get rid of the overflowing receipts and dump the accumulated dirt and old gum wrappers. If it's that bad, I would recommend getting a whole new bag. 

Your car 

Do you always carry half of your wardrobe in the car? Could a cat use your car as a litterbox from all the sand and dust? If it has gotten this bad, you most likely will never take the time to wash it yourself. Bring the car to get professionally detailed, it's honestly worth the money to save yourself hours vacuuming in the hot sun.  

If the majority of these don't sound like you, congratulations on being clean! Even if you are messy, as long as it works for you and you aren't bothering anyone else, go for it. At any time if current habits cause you stress or affect your life negatively, it might be time to consider making adjustments to create a suitable living environment for you. Find a balance that suits your needs and allows you to feel comfortable and content in your living space! 


If you decide the clutter is simply too much and you need more space, contact The Simmonds Team today to start the search for your dream home! 


Written by, Megan Bauries

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