What do your favorite flip-flops say about your personality?

Thong Flip Flop

Classic and timeless, these lightweight and backless sandals are held to the foot loosely between the first and two toes. Chances are if these are your go-to shoes, you are a laidback person who prefers comfort over style. Nonetheless, thing flip flops keep their spot as the most popular sandal on the market.

Slide Sandals

Depending on if they are rubber or not, slides can be dressed up or down. They are easy to put on and get off because of their backless and open-toe design. Slides work great as an after-sport shoe. If you are someone who frequently wears slides, you are probably always on the go and like a shoe that doesn't make you feel trapped.

Strappy Sandals

The dressiest of the list, strappy sandals have many straps across the foot and some styles wrap up around the ankle. Although the thin straps make for a minimal look, you won't wear these flashy shoes unless you are an extrovert. It also helps to have an extra five minutes in the morning to allow time to wrap the shoes up your foot.

Platform Sandal

Platform sandals feature thick soles, usually made of cork, plastic, rubber, or wood. Most who wear them are looking for a fashion statement or added height. Most styles of platform sandals are bold, meaning you are someone with a big personality who often has to make decisions.


Crocs… you either love them or you hate them. The foam clogs have been around forever and most of us wore them as kids, but the adult Croc wearers are much fewer. However, if Crocs are your favorite shoe, no shame! It probably means you are a creative person who enjoys color.

Ankle Wrap Sandal

If your flip-flops are constantly flying off of your feet, you should try a sandal that wraps around the ankle. This style is more secure than other sandals and those who wear them are most likely more sophisticated than others around them. For your realtor, Amy Simmonds, this is her sandal of choice.

Orthopedic Sandal

There are even special flip-flops for people with foot issues. Orthopedic sandals like Birkenstocks are making a comeback. These reliable sandals are form-fitting, meaning they offer more foot support than the average shoe. If you wear orthopedic sandals regularly it probably means you are in tune with your body and frequently complain about foot pain.

Wedge Sandal

Similar to the platform sandal, the heel of a wedge sandal is on an angle as opposed to flat like the platform sandal. If you regularly wear wedge sandals you are most likely short, but you are a boss and you know it. Your height does not limit you and your wedges allow you to tower over your enemies.

Hiking Sandal

Also called sports sandals, hiking sandals are the most rugged. They normally have adjustable straps, comfy soles and are often waterproof making them great for walking, running, or playing on the beach. Obviously, if you wear these regularly you are an outdoorsy person who likes to explore the world around them.

Toe Ring Sandal

Probably the least popular on the list, toe ring sandals are different from most flip-flops on the market. Chances are, you aren’t afraid to be different and march to the beat of your own drum. The unique style of toe ring sandals offers more support than slides because of the strap around the toe.

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