There are two sides to every situation. The Simmonds Team strives to find the positive side to each. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, there’s a silver lining. We truly believe that life is journey to overcome challenges and that in each challenge there’s an opportunity. Each situation we encounter can be measured and overcome by three simple elements Knowledge, Skill and Behavior – KSB!

Before our new normal, KSB was (and still is) at the heart of team from the very start. When inviting staff and agents to join our team, we are looking for 3 main characteristics in each person. 1) Knowledge. Through an extensive interview process, we are able to get a solid understanding of what the candidate knows about the team, the job, and specifics to the role. We are also able to ascertain what they don’t know and how teachable they’ll be. 2) Skill. This speaks not only to how well they’ll do the job out of the gates and beyond, but also how accountable and self-managed they’ll be. We run FAST! We look for people who will work as a vital moving part to keep our machine running. Each of our team members is self-accountable, which allows the whole team to move forward and provide better and better services to all of our clients. 3) Behavior. Our final requirement is a little harder to ascertain in our interviews but certainly shines through very quickly on the job. We are a team that sees the good, our glass is half full and theirs needs to be too. There are no problems, only opportunities. We all share a common culture of “can and will do!”

So now, here we are. Many of us are working from home, taking on new roles, in new ways. It’s easy to forget that the principals we lived by before are applicable even now. Let’s KSB this!

KNOWLEDGE: Consider your current situation. What challenges do you face? Measure them. Consider them. What do you know to be the good in them…are you learning something? Are you being forced to test your strength and grow? Are you discovering things about yourself that you didn’t know before? What don’t you know that you can learn more about and cease your current challenges (let’s ditch that word) opportunities?!?!

SKILL: What skills do you possess to continue initiatives in this mode? What skills can you borrow from before, to overcome and excel now? Are there skills that you have that you’ve never unlocked or polished?

BEHAVIOR: Now what action can you take to find and seize your current opportunities? Guess what! You’re already halfway there…the K and S help you start to formulate an action plan. Now it’s up to you to encompass a behavior of action and really move and shake. And we’re to help! Email us at and tell us about your plans – we’d love to hear how you’re encompassing a positive perception and take advantage of the current times.

PS: Notice that we’re blogging a bit more…it’s all thanks to KSB!

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