Studies show that buyers decide whether to purchase a home within 90 seconds of entering the property. So, today, we will discuss some important things sellers can do to make sure their home gives a good first impression.

We are going to look at the concept of “sold in 90 seconds.

What does this mean? Well, studies have shown that buyers make up their mind about whether to purchase your property within the first 90 seconds after stepping into your home.

Having sold hundreds upon hundreds of homes, I can tell you that I absolutely think this is true. So with as quickly as buyers make up their minds, what steps should sellers take to make sure that first impression is a good one?

First, make sure your home has strong curb appeal. Pressure washing walkways, adding fresh flowers, cleaning the windows, and polishing up other exterior details can go a long way. Curb appeal plays a huge part in how buyers perceive your home.

Also, you have got to make sure your home is clean. If your house doesn’t feel clean, people won’t be interested. Your home’s upgrades will not matter if it feels or looks dirty.

On this same note, you have to get rid of clutter. Having a clean, tidy, spacious property will boost your home’s overall appeal. It may also be a good idea to stage your home, so that buyers can see its full potential for themselves. By keeping these key points in mind, you will be able to get your home “sold” in just 90 seconds.

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