Moving can be daunting, even if the only person you’re moving is yourself. However, when you have children and pets to consider, it adds an extra layer of challenge to moving day. Navigating significant changes like moving with your kids and pets can be challenging, particularly if you haven't adequately prepared. With it being summer, a popular time for families to move between school years, we've put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to make your move with kids or furry friends a bit smoother. 

 Tip #1: Research your new location 

 Start by researching all of the activities and things to do near your new home to get the kids excited about the move. Is there a nice playground or pool at the new house? Get to know the local schools, walking trails, pet stores, veterinarians, pediatricians, restaurants, weather, and attractions that you will soon call home. Older kids can help with research too, let them find things to get them excited to move. Try and plan a few activities to do once you are settled into the new house. Moving to Jupiter? Take your family to the lighthouse or to one of our many gorgeous beaches.  

 Tip #2: Talk about the move 

 Although your pet might not understand you, it is important to communicate with your kids about the move as early as possible. This way they have more time to adjust to the change and might not be so anxious when the time actually comes. This conversation might not be easy to have, but it is better to have it sooner rather than later to give your child time to accept the big changeDepending on your child’s age and level of understanding, you can explain the reason for your move to them or, talk about their new school. While discussing the move, you can talk about everything that will stay the same in the new house. Talking about the similarities between homes may ease some of the worries that come with moving. 

Tip #3: Pack up the house together 

 When it comes time to pack up the house, allowing the kids to help decide what they would like to keep or give away may make them feel more included. This way they know that none of their personal items will be lost during the transition. Once they have the stuff they care about packed up, you can continue to pack other things while they sleep. It might also be helpful to not have your pets running around at your feet as you carry around heavy boxes full of your valuables.  

Tip #4: Make a plan for moving day 

 To stay organized on moving day it is best to make a plan of action that covers everyone in the family, even the furry ones. Either create a safe way for the kids to help or, get them out of the way by sending them to a friend or neighbor’s house. If you plan on having your kids stay, it might be helpful to have an activity ready to keep them occupied. If you are planning on hiring movers, it is smart to put your pets in a daycare or keep them in a closed room with everything they should need for the day. This way the animals are safe and calm as well as the movers.  


Tip #5: Give the kids choices 

 Take your children to the hardware store and let them pick out the paint color for their new room! You can even let your kids pick their own rooms if it won’t cause a fight. If you don’t want to make cosmetic changes, you can let them pick a new bedspread or poster to hang on the wall. The older kids can even search online for possible new houses to help them feel included. This way, you can get a feel for what features they would like to see in the next home. 

Tip #6: Take all the help you can get 

 Everyone knows how much energy it takes to move. If someone is offering you help during this time, take it! Send your kids to grandma's or let them go on a playdate so you can get some work done. Don’t feel bad if you decide to hire movers. Some believe they should be able to pack up their house on their own, but movers are professionals and can make the whole process a lot smoother and more organized.  

 Tip #7: Stick to a normal routine  

 Sticking to a normal routine after the move can help create a sense of normalcy in the house. Start by unpacking your kids and pets' things first and arranging them in a similar way to how they were before. Try to keep some of your old furniture, you can always buy a new couch later. After the move, try to avoid other big changes for a while. Take the time to adjust to your new home and everything it has to offer.  


Tip #8: Be patient and offer reassurance 

 Moving can cause stress for the whole family. Once the house is emptied out, allow your kids and pets the chance to walk around the bare home and say goodbye. Leaving your old home behind can bring out sentimental feelings, which is completely normal. Be patient and allow them to have these big feelings. You can invest in small surprises like a slip-n-slide for the backyard, or a trip to a local attraction. Jupiter has multiple mini golf courses, a bowling alley, and more for your kids to enjoy. 


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Written by, Megan Bauries

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